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Karen Johnson is our resident consultant on nutrition, homeopathy, healing and personal development.

Her interest developed after her son Franklyn was diagnosed with cerebral palsy from a meningitis infection.

Refusing to believe that the medical profession couldn’t do any more for him she took a holistic approach and decided to study and try different forms of medicine.


Over the years Karen has developed vast experience working

with both adults and children with cancers, auto immune

disease, allergies and digestive disorders as well as many

other states of imbalances.

Having  firsthand experience to the power of many different

approaches, Karen works 1-1 with our clients preparing

tailored health solutions and individualised treatment plans

consisting of dietary and lifestyle interventions as well as

homeopathy and supplementation.


Karen is fully trained on the Asyra AT3 system, which is the

most advanced development in the field of bio energetic

medicine. The AT3 is capable of non invasive body scans

which within minutes can produce bespoke digitally

imprinted remedies which aids in the promotion of self



Our personal experiences and positive results over the last

eight years of practice gives us the inspiration to keep

sharing and making a difference to people’s lives.


We are based in the northwest however we do work with

clients both nationally and internationally via phone, e mail

or Skype.


For further information please email Karen on

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