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Asyra System



The Asyra Pro


The Asyra bio-energetic screening system provides you with information about the energetic origins of your client’s health challenges and helps you to determine the appropriate set of treatments or remedies. This is done in moments, non-invasively, and with no practitioner bias. The Asyra Pro is the ultimate tool for any practitioner seeking to prescribe truly personalised and effective treatment plans.


Uniquely with the Asyra Pro, along with a wide range of tried and tested screening ‘protocols’, you have complete freedom to customise and add to the database. Also, where many other devices on the market lock practitioners into proprietary remedies, with the Asyra Pro, you are free to choose your own means of treatment. This includes bio-energetic treatment, administered through custom imprinted remedies and a low-level laser.


The Asyra Pro offers total flexibility to the practitioner, allowing you to:

Easily carry out accurate and detailed non-invasive whole-body assessments within minutes


Maximise patient compliance and treatment success


Customise the software 100% to fit with your preferred remedies and treatment plans


Test specific remedies against the individual and specific challenges


Imprint your own custom-made energetic remedies and administer low-level laser treatment.


The Asyra Pro runs a standard energetic assessment of 40 major organ systems which is called the baseline, and a comprehensive assessment from a database of tens of thousands of items to see what will help restore balance.

The test libraries include:


Energetic Status of 40 major organs

Nutritional Assessment

Metabolic Disturbance

Dental Profile

Hormonal Profile

Parasites and Infections


Phenolic Sensitivity

Menstrual & Menopausal Problems

Emotional Stressors

Trace Minerals

Vertebral Profile

Miasm Influence

TMJ Stress

Constitutional Influence

Neurotransmitter Disturbance

Environmental Sensitivity

Food Sensitivity

Vitamins and Minerals

Cranial Suture

Dental Causation


Heavy Metals


… and much more!





The Asyra software contains digitally-encoded information relating to a wide range of health factors that is output by the Asyra hardware as electromagnetic signals during testing.


Using a simple low voltage circuit created by holding two brass cylinders or handmasses, the response of the body to those signals is recorded by measuring changes in the electrical resistance of the skin.


We can also use samples of hair to carry out our testing.


This information is relayed back to the software and a report is generated on the computer of any responses that are outside certain limits.




Running an Asyra test is an example of a process that we call bio-energetic testing. In the purest form of bio-energetic testing, we are effectively ‘asking the body a question’ and obtaining the response directly from the body’s own physiology, without engaging the conscious and language centres of the mind.


It is helpful to make some comparisons to other techniques that go part of the way towards this. Many people will be familiar with muscle testing or kinesiology. This is another form of bio-energetic testing applied by health practitioners. In kinesiology the question is often asked verbally or the subject may hold the substance that is being tested. The response is measured by changes in the contractile strength of the skeletal muscles, checked manually by the tester. Polygraph testing (lie detectors) also makes use of the electrical responsiveness of the skin as used in the Asyra.




The word ‘energetic’ does not relate to energy in the strict sense that a physicist would insist upon. Instead we use the term loosely to refer to aspects of human functioning that are not just biomechanical (e.g joints, muscles and motion) and biochemical (e.g. nutrients, proteins, hormones and oxidation).


The functioning of the human body is governed by electrical and informational signals. When we obtain responses from a bioenergetic testing device, the information is a mixture of commentary on the physical, chemical, bioelectrical, emotional and mental state of the body/mind. Indeed, part of the skill of the practitioner of bioenergetic testing is to consider and interpret the information that comes from the system and to know how to proceed from there.




It is helpful to be really clear about definitions here. In the modern medical context, diagnosis means to take a set of symptoms presented by a patient and state that they fit better into the category for disease A, disease B or perhaps disease C. In this way the medical practitioner chooses appropriate treatment based on past experience. In this sense Asyra testing does not diagnose. It presents a completely individualised set of responses at a specific point in time to the challenges that were included in the test. The information can often be used to help support a traditional diagnosis, but the main purpose is to inform an individualised treatment plan unique to that person The one definite and unchanging aspect of interpreting the test results is as follows: if an item shows up as ‘unbalanced’, then the body can benefit from further exposure to the informational signature of that item.