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A natural and non-acidic source of Vitamin C
Vit C Plus (60 Vege Caps)
14 organic superfoods in a single multi-nutrient capsule, Organic Multivits & Superfoods is a 100% organic 'food state' herbal multivitamin, which contains an incredible 14 superfoods. The high nutrient content from these whole food ingredients supports natural detoxification, energy production and internal organ cleansing.
Organic Multivits & Superfoods (100 vege Caps)
** YOU SAVE: 6% compared to buying these products individually
Menopause Support Pack
Gingko is a herb that has been traditionally used to improve memory and brain function
Ginkgo Plus
- Herbs to support proper function of the thyroid.
Bladderwrack Plus (100ml Dropper bottle) (Replacement to Iris Plus)
For improvement of liver function. Milk thistle, Centaury, Barberry, Boldo and Dandelion root all have beneficial and restorative actions on liver function.  In particular , Milk thistle aids in repair of liver damage and improves the breakdown of toxins. Nettle, pellitory-of-the-wall and Vervain are all included for their tonic effect on the kidneys , as a healthy liver depends on effective kidney function.  Trials show that this is good for alcoholics or for use before and after drinking.
Milk Thistle Plus (100ml Dropper)
100% organic powder mix with activated barley enzymes
Active Plus (400g powder)