New Nutrition to go Logo from Pete 24th aug 2018
For improvement of liver function. Milk thistle, Centaury, Barberry, Boldo and Dandelion root all have beneficial and restorative actions on liver function.  In particular , Milk thistle aids in repair of liver damage and improves the breakdown of toxins. Nettle, pellitory-of-the-wall and Vervain are all included for their tonic effect on the kidneys , as a healthy liver depends on effective kidney function.  Trials show that this is good for alcoholics or for use before and after drinking.
Milk Thistle Plus (100ml Dropper)
Relax with Valerian, Lavender, and Skullcap as gentle sedatives to help your sleep
Valerian Plus (100ml dropper)
A powerful blend of wormwood, thyme, black walnut, and peppermint to eliminate parasites common to most people
Paragon (100ml dropper bottle)
- Herbs to support proper function of the thyroid.
Bladderwrack Plus (100ml Dropper bottle) (Replacement to Iris Plus)
Take Hawthorn to give heart and circulatory support essential for good health
Hawthorn Plus (100ml dropper plus)
Help exhausted adrenals with Ginseng, Licorice and Borage to facilitate stress hormone balance
Ginseng Plus (100ml dropper bottle)
Gingko is a herb that has been traditionally used to improve memory and brain function
Ginkgo Plus
Supports liver detoxification
Galium Plus (100ml dropper bottle)
Balance your immune function with Echinacea augustifolia and enjoy prophylaxis of colds and flu