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Galium Plus (100ml dropper bottle)


Supports liver detoxification
Cleansing and toning the lymphatic system
Supports nervous system
For cleansing the lymph and liver. Milk thistle, Boldo and Yellow dock all stimulate liver function and aid in elimination of toxins. Yellow Dock also helps with congestive states in the digestive system and acts as a gastric stimulator. Galium and Marigold cleanse and tone the lymphatic system by mobilizing toxins from the body with tonic and diuretic actions. In addition Marigold is a wide spectrum anti-microbial. Sweet violet and Nettle both have persistent but gentle cleansing actions. Nettle is a useful tonic cleanser.

Dosage: 15 drops in a little water 2 x times daily 2 Months supply

Contra indications: Yellow dock contains anthraquinone compunds which give it a mild laxative action, should not be combined with other laxative preparations

No additives *No binders *No colouring agents
Hypoallergenic *Suitable for vegetarians


Peumus boldo
Carduus marianus
Calendula officinalis
Galium aperine
Rumex crispus
Urtica dioica
Viola odorata
Verbena officinalis