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Gut Therapy Pack



Support that "good gut" feeling!

Feeling uncomfortable inside?
Do you have to loosen your waistband as the day goes on from swelling?
Worried about how uncomfortable that next meal will make you feel?
Are following a low yeast / low sugar diet?

If so, the Total Gut Therapy Pack (Recommended) is for you! These potent products have been specially selected because they offer the best results when used in combination, plus multi-buys = savings!

In this pack you get:

2x pots: 8 STRAIN MULTI FLORA - An 8 strain probiotic supplement with 4 billion organisms per capsule for full spectrum support of the bowels and a healthy balance of friendly bacteria and yeast.

2x pots: DIGESTIVE ENZYMES WITH SOOTHING HERBS- A combination of vegetable-derived digestive enzymes with gut-soothing herbs to support efficient digestion processe

1x pot: CANDIDACLEAR - An all-in-one yeast balance, digestion and colon health support formula. Helps to maintain the correct balance of bacteria and yeasts and encourages the growth of friendly bacteria (probiotics). Ideally combined with an anti-candida diet. This is a traditional herbal combination used to promote overnight digestive transit and intestinal cleansing.

Recommended add-ons:

To boost the pack, why not add in L-Glutamine powder - an amino acid, which is an important ingredient in digestive system health maintenance and gut wall integrity?

Supporting a healthy gut...

For people who suffer from digestive discomfort, most natural health practitioners tend to recommend a change in diet that excludes certain foods (known to cause discomfort due to food intolerance), yeast and sugar. This is the first step to improvement. Use our free digestive health sample meal plan as a starting point.

The role of the digestive system is to digest and absorb nutrients from food. Enzymes must first break down the consumed food into its component molecules before the nutrients can be absorbed in the small intestine. However, if food is not digested properly it passes into the large bowel where it ferments and can cause that unpleasant windy and bloated sensation. The role of the digestive enzymes included in the Total Gut Therapy Pack is to support the body’s complete breakdown and utilisation of food and associated nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, fats and trace elements.

Bowel flora
There are around 2 kilograms (4.4 lbs) of bacteria that inhabit our gut, usually in a harmonious balance of good bacteria and harmful bacteria. The friendly bacteria are known as probiotics and there are 2 main types - Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria (each family of probiotics is composed of different strains such as Lactobacillus acidophilus).

The delicate balance of bowel bacteria is easily upset. For example, following the use of antibiotics and other medication, as a result of poor diet, during times of stress, during or following travel and illness. Once this happens, bad bacteria can flourish and take over the gut environment. An overgrowth of these pathogenic organisms can lead to a host of health complaints and an uncomfortable digestive system.

The 8 STRAIN MULTI FLORA  included in the Total Gut Therapy Pack is an 8 strain probiotic supplement with a massive 4 billion organisms per capsule for full spectrum bowel flora support.


Make savings compared to buying these products individually and achieve best results!
Supports a healthy gut, efficient digestion and a healthy balance of gut microflora (friendly bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract)
Body cleanse and detox
Use this pack in conjunction with improved eating habits for best results. Refer to our free sample meal plan as a guide to a balanced diet and personalise it for your requirements.


Easy step-by-step guide:

Step 1:
8 STRAIN MULTI FLORA: Take 1 capsule, 1 - 2 times per day with food.

Step 2:
DIGESTIVE ENZYMES WITH SOOTHING HERBS: Take 1 or 2 capsules, 3 times per day with food (with each main meal).

Step 3:
CANDIDACLEAR: Take 1 capsule, 2 times per day with food.