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Hawthorn Plus (100ml dropper plus)


Take Hawthorn to give heart and circulatory support essential for good health
Lime Blossom for nervous tension and to help prevent arteriosclerosis
Hawthorn Berries are high in Vitamin C

NutriVital Hawthorn Plus is used for the treatment of hypertension. The herbs in Hawthorn Plus have a long tradition of use in safely reducing high blood pressure. We use both the Hawthorn flowering tops and berries in this preparation as they contain a number of important compounds that have been shown to have a beneficial effect on the heart. Lime Blossom has a relaxing effect, especially where anxiety may be a factor.

Dosage: 15 drops in a little water 2 x times daily 2 Months supply

Contra indications: Not to be taken if pregnant

No additives *No binders *No colouring agents
Hypoallergenic * Suitable for vegetarians


Achillea millifolium
Crataegus laevegata
Crataegus oxycanthoides
Taraxacum officinale folia
Tilia europea
Viburnum opulus